Economic and Trade Reform

The abolishment, subsequent reintegration and strict regulation of all banking and lending institutions, back into a centralized government regulated and controlled unitary banking establishment. Such private banking institutions which have become “too big to fail” are an absolute detriment to the national economic climate and this nation’s global economic power. When these private institutions are allowed to seize control over economic and political thresholds, their inevitable collapse compromises the entire economic integrity of said nation in which they infest. Also, when they are far too powerful to fail, it leads to them having a “license to kill” as in they can charge whatever rates of interest they feel fit to gain their profit margins. With an abolishment and reintegration of these systems, the interest rate will then be able to be controlled. Under such a plan the interest rates for all loans, either large or small, shall be no more than 1% and only 1%.

As previously mentioned, the reintegration of a centralized banking system will need to deviate from the current fiat currency standard which the United States currently adopts. A proposed reintroduction to the gold and silver standard and the subsequent abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank must be implemented to maintain a current stable economic growth pattern.

A revision of the entire Income tax systems and the IRS must be achieved so that more proper means of gainful employment and business practices can be applied to the American work force. The abolishment of Income Tax and Business profit loopholes must be applied.The rampant usury, thievery and deception that major multi-million and billion dollar industries and corporations implement in their everyday business practices are strangling to death, the large working class american market. Businesses who funnel millions of dollars into safe haven tax sanctuaries and who deceive the IRS through unethical business practices must be sought out and subsequently destroyed with extreme prejudice. These corrupt international entities only seek to devalue the average American and turn him into a mere slave who toils for a meager wage and unethical benefits. A simplified progressive tax plan is a possible solution. Any and all Tax exemptions, credits or deduction must be done away with in lieu of an even bracket of taxable income versus profit margin system. A much higher tax on all foreign or international businesses who feel the need to plant themselves within the United States must be implemented to the fullest extent possible. All domestic businesses who generate an exuberant amount of profit or whose CEOs or Owners earn more than 10 times the amount of the average middle class income in their immediate area must be taxed to the fullest extent possible.

All domestic federal taxes on Individual citizens shall be ceased and abolished, and all taxing and revenue shall be passed down to the state levels. All middle class working families who do not own their own business shall be taxed only 1/10th of their annual income whereas a family who does own their own small business whose profits are less than 250,000 dollars per year shall be taxed only 12% of their gross annual income. Any small business owning family or small business whose gross annual profit is over 250,000 shall be taxed 15% of said profit. The tax bracketing shall increase by 5% every 250,000 dollars until the 1 million dollar profit window is reached. at such time a base 50% income tax shall be implemented on all businesses or entities whose gross annual profit is over 1,000,000 dollars. CEOs may have a secondary option to only pay 40% of their gross annual income, if over 1,000,000 is earned or collected or calculated in any form of compensation, by donating said 40% of their earnings to a charity organization whom in no way, shape or form is connected or affiliated to them whatsoever or is returned into their company in the form of higher wages for employees or fairer working conditions for employees or to the benefit in some way or form to the employees. All working persons who make less than the average annual income of the middle class worker shall only be taxed 5%.

The nationalization of all major corporations, businesses and industries within the United States will stop the destructive nature of outsourcing while also allowing a free market to prosper within our nation. The term “free market” in this context is described as the freedom of an individual to start or own any business he may like, as long as said business is deemed beneficial to the people and the nation. Small businesses will be free to operate as long as they follow fair regulation and laws. Any business deemed unnecessary under the laws imposed shall not be granted license to establish and conduct business. An example of this would be pornographic or lewd material. Any business found operating outside of the boundaries of the law shall be swiftly seized upon and their operators or proprietors shall be deemed as traitors to the purity and sanctity of the state and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This action shall insure that any business which panders to the common citizen’s vices or does not do their due diligence on respecting their land, fellow peoples or government shall be promptly punished or imposed upon with cumbersome taxation.

The withdrawal from and elimination of all “free trade” agreements must be also enacted to reverse the excessive damage brought about from rampant capitalism and unchecked monopolization of industry. No trade is free and no nation toils for free. Implementation of strategic tariffs will be placed to protect our national economy and as part of much needed Mercantilist trade reform. We call for Protective Tariffs on imports to protect our industries, workers and promote domestic manufacturing. This produces domestic goods, retains vital technological industries and assists in the generation of revenue for our nation. This will energize the rebuilding of our industrial manufacturing base. Investments in the national industrial fields, American manufacturing plants and workers, education with emphasis on reindustrialization and S.T.E.M. and R&D fields will rebuild the country’s labor forces and job markets.

Higher education, in today’s modern age, is an absolute necessity and so is the reform of the “free market” of educational institutions who seemingly prey on this nation’s youth with sub-par degrees and outlandish loans with usurious interest rates. The current national student loan debt amount is approximately one trillion dollars, with around 80% of that debt being government loans. As previously mentioned, the federal government should have as little interaction with the average citizen as possible. It should not and will not be the federal government’s job to care for the individual citizen. Higher education, in its current state is an absolute racket. Young people are being swindled and extorted by big business college loaners who push education programs that they don’t need at rates that they could never afford. Currently half of all the curriculum of an average bachelor’s degree isn’t even spent studying said field or major. These fiendish, heinous systems must be reformed. Course lengths, tuition cost, and loan interest rates, out of pace with modern society, must be cut. Degrees in medicine and healthcare, for example, will be streamlined and fine tuned to specific areas of expertise so that doctors and providers can enter the workforce quicker, with less debt and a better degree in their specific field.

End all foreign aid, period. Billions of US tax dollars are wasted annually on foreign assistance to non US states or commonwealths or territories. Those funds rightfully belong to the American people and should be spent on Americans.

Immigration and Civil Reform

The abolishment of free and unabridged immigration into the United States from any and all countries or foreign entities whom do not share the same political intentions, cultural, religious and racial atmosphere or practices, or ethnic and racial backgrounds must be implemented. The racial and ethnic division in the United States has driven a wedge in the homogeneous capacity and capability which the United States was originally founded upon. The United States was devised, originated and created for free white men of European descent whom had similar and compatible ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. The dangerous and divisive thinking that all “men” are created “equal” is hopeful thinking at its most destructive and worst. The racial stock of this nation was created for white Christian Anglo/Europeans by white Christian Anglo/Europeans. All other ethnicities, races, religions and demographics are absolutely not compatible with this nation’s original culture. With such being stated, a mass exodus, isolation, apartheid, segregation and/or separation must be implemented to retain the good order and longevity of the country. To assist in this, English will be declared the official language of the United States and all other televised, broadcasted, prompted, written, printed or spoken languages shall be outlawed.

A subsequent plan to accomplish this endeavor shall be implemented with the construction of US border barricades and barriers, the deportation of all illegal alien residents no matter their age, sex or ability, the repatriation of all African peoples back to their African nation of choice (to include some islands in the Caribbean) with a one time compensation amount of no more than the average annual income of the average full time welfare recipient in the US and their full resignation, renunciation or relinquishment of their US citizenship. This will accomplish several problems. It will help boost African economies and it will also be integrating much more educated and potentially civilized people into their societies. Also, the deportation and relinquishment of citizenship by all nonconformist cultures and peoples. American citizenship is not an inalienable right that should be given simply for being born on a patch of soil. Citizenship is a privilege and should be treated as such and used as such. Something given and never earned, has no value. Citizenship should be earned through labor and sacrifice not just for the solemn few but for all men and women who wish to prosper in this land.

The phrase “All men are created equal” is a misnomer which has been taken to its utmost literal context. This ideological fallacy has muddled the homogenous quality, prosperity and sustainability of the United States. The aforementioned phrase should be revised to specifically state “All white men…” as the founders of this nation originally intended. The misinterpretation of this phrase is due to the previously constructed cultural and ethnic diversity of the European continent and was never intended to be applied to any other race or ethnicity, only Anglo/European Christians. The “freedom of religion” passage is also a misconstrued and misunderstood interpretation. This phrase was intentionally used to only describe the several separate entities of the Christian faith, in which this Nation was founded upon with the colonisation of these lands by Christian pilgrims. Islam, Judaism and all other non-European or foreign religions, except for those whom are specifically peaceable and non violent such as Buddhism and Taoism, should not have the freedom to practice in the United States due to their demeaning, conflicting and violent natures against the Christian faith, specifically those religions whom see it fit to mock, degrade, slander, and/or belittle any other religions but especially Christianity in any written scripture, book, note, passage, or hymn or any other way which is taught or learned in any capacity in that religion. A good example of this is the Talmud.

The end and abolishment of the debacle which is Affirmative Action and all similar laws and regulations. These ridiculous programs compel organizations and schools to select Americans based on racial and ethnic preferences, rather than merit, qualifications, education, and experience. Along with this, the end to forced integration in the workplace, schools, businesses and anywhere else deemed necessary. It should be an institution’s, facility’s, or business’ right to refuse service to anyone they choose no matter the circumstances. The repealing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 must also be instated to assist if the relief of racial tensions due to forced interaction and desegregation.

Ending all welfare, period. Any form of federal aid to individual citizens whom have not earned such rewards for labor or duty, shall be immediately ceased and those programs shall be pushed down to the state levels. The federal government should have none to extremely little involvement in the daily lives of everyday citizens.

Abortion is currently a necessary evil which must be used to the fullest extent of its abilities to assist this nation in its prosperity and longevity. Currently, hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money is funneled into this system to subsequently be used to care for the physically deformed/mutated or the mentally inept. Abortion of a physically and genetically healthy white fetus should be illegal, with a mandatory sentence of first degree murder with no less than 20 years confinement. All fetuses must be tested and monitored for any mental or physical defect before birth. If said defects are found, the fetus is subsequently terminated and the parents of said child will be compensated for their time and effort in attempting to have a child, along with all other white couples whom are also attempting to have children and succeed.

The reinstatement of all non-normal or abnormal mental conditions as psychological malformations and mental health issues to include but not limited to the entirety of the LGBTQ will be reinstated. These disorders and mental health issues will be studied extensively and either genetic or physical cures for these mental afflictions will be found and implemented. The current LGBTQ cult in its entirety shall be disbanded and declared a threat to the fabric of United States culture and society. These social terrorist organizations shall be dealt with swiftly and justly and either will be deported or confined.

Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Concerns

We must utilize American energy resources in a strategic and effective manner to grow our economy and reduce foreign dependence in every possible way. This includes utilizing coal, on/offshore oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, fusion, bio, thorium, geothermal, solar, waste-to-energy, wind energies and any other energy sources which may become available. We must build sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure and to do this we will initialize programs for every home in the United States to become less dependent on large unreliable and incompetent energy companies and to become more self sufficient in every way possible to include all forms of private energy production and water conservation.

Another natural resource that many Americans forget about or disregard is outer space itself. With an infinite number of other worlds, stars, planets and galaxies in the universe, these resources must be harvested for the prosperity of our race. A simple and never ending resource we could currently attempt to harvest is helium and hydrogen which is excreted by the sun and bombards our earth every second of every day. Helium and hydrogen are two extremely important elements which could lead to revolutionized fuel sources in the near future. The cosmos and her vast abundance of materials and elements must be tapped for our kind. NASA and a new space program must be implemented and well funded so that we may survive past the end of earth and our solar system. Until such a time we must, as a collective, work to sustain the health and prosperity of our own planet, to include more research into ethical and moral standards for collecting and harvesting non renewable or semi-non renewable energy sources, such as fossil fuels, coal and timber. These industries are vital to the daily functions of the US, but we must come to terms that at some point some of those resources will run dry.

Foreign Policy

The United States must withdraw from the United Nations and refuse to intervene in any foreign affairs unless the direct interests of the US or the safety of her citizens is infringed upon. As mentioned earlier, all foreign aid to all other nations shall cease. Those nations must learn to survive on their own will and constitution, lest they be destroyed. Their dependence on the welfare they receive from US citizen’s tax dollars does not rightfully belong to them in any fashion. If the American people see a want or need to give money to any sort of foreign entity, they can donate it themselves of their own free will and accord.

In the current state of international affairs, a more stringent policy of pre-World War I isolationism must be implemented to conserve, preserve and maintain the stability, culture, community and people of this country. The rest of this world can survive perfectly well on it’s own without constant intervention from this country. This nation should have no foreign military bases or military installations or outposts on any kind of foreign soil. Shutting down all foreign bases would save taxpayers untold billions of dollars and would end many conflicts with other nations due to the perceived colonialism of this nation’s prior government. If this nation needed dozens upon dozens of foreign military bases, we would all assume we’re somehow in the business of conquering and assimilating weaker or much more inferior nations. Currently, that is not the case. Currently, our government is in the simple business of destroying other nation’s governments, destabilizing them and allowing multi billion and trillion dollar global companies, conglomerates, bankers and financiers to strip said nations down to the bone and leave nothing more than a dried husk of their former selves. This will be absolutely halted, no matter the consequences. This nation and her government are controlled by her people and their sons, not international globalist bankers who all just so happen to be Jewish.

Governmental Reform

The implementation of restricted term limits on all elected and standing officials in Congress shall be met. This will substantially limit the ability for these officials to be bought off and corrupted in their current positions. Also, their annual compensation shall be capped at the median household income of the average middle class American family. This will also help fight corruption by dissuading any individuals whom might be running simply for the financial gain of the position. In all honesty the position should have minimal compensation with the majority of the luxuries of those positions handled by taxpayer dollars. These previously mentioned term limits shall be subject to the same term limits of the executive branch of the federal government only the election cycle shall be set 2 years after the presidential election. At the end of those possible 8 years (2 consecutive 4 year terms) of office those congressmen, senators or representatives shall vacate their position and return to the civilian community. No congressman shall hold any other office within the federal government after their consecutive 4 year terms.

Political campaigns and the way they’re financed also needs drastic reform. This shall be implemented by severely limiting the amount of Influence that certain organizations or individuals may hold on candidates. Currently the worst entities whom are allowed to donate and corrupt these officials are labor unions, major corporations and special interest groups (PACs and Super PACs) who work tirelessly to plunder, pillage and sack our nation and her people. New laws shall be established that make it illegal for any non-citizen, entity, company, group, interest group, organization or conglomerate to donate any amount of funds to any political campaign whatsoever. Only individual citizens who donate of their own free will and accord shall be able to donate any political contributions to any political candidate. Also, no foreign entity, group, organization, individual or domestic entity, group, organization or individual shall assist either financially or physically in any political campaign in any way, shape or form in exchange for any forms of political favors, accommodations, services or influence. “Super PACS” or independent-expenditure only committees shall be deemed illegal and disbanded.

Furthermore, no standing appointed official shall ever have, had or acquire any sort of foreign citizenship and/or dual citizenship. How can an elected official have full undevoted loyalty to his country and people if he has declared himself a citizenship of another foreign body or state? Currently a large percentage of elected representatives and statesmen possess dual citizenship to a foreign entity. This must be stopped. No foreign national nor previous foreign national or any person not born in the United States or her territories shall never hold office in any position of authority. This deviates their devout loyalty to the US as their loyalty with remain to a foreign entity and this is unacceptable.

Healthcare Reform

The current issue with our healthcare system in the United States is, when the government speaks of “healthcare reform” or “healthcare” in general what they are actually referring to is health insurance and not actual health care. This misconception leads the vast majority of Americans to believe that the federal government’s wants to “socialize” or has “socialized” healthcare, when in fact all they’re truly doing is forcing the citizens of the nation to contract themselves into government reinforced insurance plans and schemes. The entire industry of “health insurance” is absolutely criminal and will be destroyed under the people’s hand. What will take it’s place is truly socialized healthcare where all medical professionals, practitioners, nurses and providers shall be strictly regulated on how much their private practices can charge for any and all procedures. Being a doctor or nurse or practitioner should not and cannot be focused around profit or financial gain. People should become doctors to help others. They shouldn’t care how much money they make. They should be willing to live within their means because being a health care provider is about wanting to selflessly and altruistically help people live longer, healthier and more prosperous lives. This also will apply to medications and pharmaceutical companies who gouge their prices on specific medications to gain hundreds of thousands of times the profit off of a single pill. This is simply unethical and should be absolutely illegal. Another issue the US faces are ever climbing obesity rates. Obese peoples should be made to feel shame. They should be punished for their weaknesses and poor self control. They should be held accountable for their actions as a criminal is held accountable. These obese are subsequently stealing billions of taxpayer dollars to feed their poor health lifestyles. This must end. The average American must begin to take responsibility for himself. He must ask himself, “What have I done to make myself healthier for my country? Have I eaten a diverse portion of fruits and vegetables to maintain proper and adequate nutrition? Have I exercised enough today to help my country in her plight?”.

All of these systems are broken because we, White Americans, allow them to be broken. We allow all of this destruction to befall our nation. We allow our daughters to be raped by non whites and we allow Jewish bankers and hucksters to reach into our pockets and take what they please. I tell you, comrades, as a white man to a white man, a brother to a brother, a friend to a friend, when will this killing cease? When and where will our people have peace and what will we need to do to make such peace a reality? I’m going to be frank with you. Soon enough our people, our race will have to set our humanity aside for a short time. We will have to subdue our empathy and compassion and do exactly what is necessary to preserve our people. This is not a conflict of petty disdain or derision. This is a conflict of true love and passion for our people, for our white people, for our race and our nations, for our homelands and ancestors, our cultures and our monuments. Since the dawn of recorded history our race of people has been the vanguard, the forefront, of culture and technology. We have conquered the tallest mountain peaks and lay claim to the deepest fathoms. We have traveled the cosmos and touched the stars. We have created machines that our ancestors could only dream of. I tell you all now, the next several decades will not be easy. Those who currently have control over our systems will kill each and every one of us to maintain it. After all, we are only goyim to them. I look back at a quote of one of our nation’s founders, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure…”. I will say that a human body does make excellent fertilizer, but in no way am I advocating violence. This is why we were granted the right of the second amendment, though. That is the ultimate system of checks and balances. I now say to you all, it’s been 152 years since the last rebellion in this nation. Our trees are now ripe with the rot and decay of a century and a half. We have the means and the way of preserving these mighty oaks, these sturdy Ash and unyielding hickory. Will you help us clear the brush and waste from our crop to yield the spoils of our labor?

Victory or Death. Conquer or Die. Capitulate, Never. We shall fight and we shall win because to lose now, is to lose our entire people. Do not lose hope. The love of our forefathers shall guide us through these dark times. I love you all.

Dillon R. Hopper, Vanguard America, Commanding